Sunday, June 21, 2009


8 o'clock on a Saturday morning, following a heavy evening the night before, I am shaken awake ! My kids pile on to me and I hear "Papa, its time to wake up". As I struggle to gain my senses and ask whats going on ..... before I even have a chance to ask to be left alone ...... "Happy Fathers Day"! My darling kids then hand me 2 beautifully hand made cards.The words inside were almost "Hallmark cliched", but these came from the hearts of my kids and had me all choked up ! As I sat up, I found a breakfast tray had been brought to me in bed. The specially created menu was; a cream cheese bagel, an apple/banana/Perrier smoothie, a scoop of ice cream and 3 mini jellies. What a fantastic start to this day !

I try my utmost to cherish these moments. The kids (only 10 & 8 now) grow up so fast, and as I love them more each day (which I hardly even believe is possible), I dont want the early years to fly by and finish so fast. I know that for many many years to come, we will continue to have a strong and tight family relationship, and then fact that the nature of the relationship changes and develops as the kids grow (and in fact as we grow), will only to prove to make us stronger together. But I already mourn the years when the kids were learning to walk and learning to talk. Doing and saying the most adorable things with their childlike innocence.

I have to keep promising myself to live for the moment each time I am with them. To be there in body and mind when I am with them - I know these days dont come back.

We ended the family day with just the four of us enjoying good conversation over a good steak meal. With the presence of mind that I promised to have, I realised that I am lucky to have this family that has such great love and caring inside it.

Happy Fathers Day !

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Awake at 3am !

A good day yesterday. Productive conference calls with my offices and then the afternoon with Shaan and his friend.

I have been trying to diet, the only way I know how ..... to starve ! put food in front of me, and I will eat. Keep it away, and I have the reserves to keep me going. I almost managed abstinence last night, but Reena fancied some noodles, so I was forced to indulge on a bowl of kung pao chiken. At least if I am going down, I am going down in flames !

After a couple of episodes of Lost (it would have been more but my tempramental Apple TV packed up again !)

A deep but rather short sleep followed - I was up like a shot at 3am! I tossed and turned for 20 minutes and then went to my study with my book - I told myself to avoid working. Just put your head in the book, and soon you will doze off .......... but a quick check of email first wont hurt.

3 hours later, the sun is up, my emails are cleared and I havent touched my book !!!! Its just past 6 and now I am counting the minutes till I can go and wake up the kids.

I will try and get throught the day and await the barbecue we have planned this evening. I have 2 juicy rib-eyes to marinate this morning as well as whole bunch of giant tiger prawns ............................ what was that I was saying about a diet !

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

back in Dubai

After long delays, I am back in Dubai.

As usual I squeezed in every last possible moment I could in the office before leaving for the office, and as soon as I got in the car ....... a thunder storm !

The Lagos roads ground to a halt. The road network not able to cope with the rains, drivers ignoring lane directions. It was the usual chaos, but I didnt want this at a time I was struggling to get to the airport.

In the end all was OK, only because these storms themselves delayed my plane from landing inthe first place, and in the end I had a 4 hour wait at the airport for my delayed flight.

I got home at 9am feeling full of energy. Dropped my stuff in my room and went straight for a swim. I managed to keep my energy going till lunchtime, after which I collapsed for a ouple of hours - I think the strain of all the travel and my recent sickness are catching up with me. Roll on summer holidays.

When Shaan got home, he ran to me, excited to do his homework ! He has to make a website, and if you know me (and him) this took priority of place and all work was stopped for the next 2 hours as we set to work on this project. We could have kept going, but the dinner hour struck - and the next day was a school day :-(

Monday, June 15, 2009

today in Lagos

Good morning,

what do you do, alone on a business trip in Africa, at 5am in the morning when you cant sleep?

Well at least (for once) there is a decent wifi signal, so here I am. Working on one of my long delayed "to do's". Start a blog and PROMISE MYSELF to update it - hence, if you read this because I have sent you a link, it is only because I have waited a week to ensure I have made this a practice and not a "one-off 5am in the morning kind of thing"!

With all my travels, I get a lot of time to think and most of the time never document what is crossing my mind - but that is the aim of this blog. If it all goes well, then I'll see you in a week.