Sunday, June 21, 2009


8 o'clock on a Saturday morning, following a heavy evening the night before, I am shaken awake ! My kids pile on to me and I hear "Papa, its time to wake up". As I struggle to gain my senses and ask whats going on ..... before I even have a chance to ask to be left alone ...... "Happy Fathers Day"! My darling kids then hand me 2 beautifully hand made cards.The words inside were almost "Hallmark cliched", but these came from the hearts of my kids and had me all choked up ! As I sat up, I found a breakfast tray had been brought to me in bed. The specially created menu was; a cream cheese bagel, an apple/banana/Perrier smoothie, a scoop of ice cream and 3 mini jellies. What a fantastic start to this day !

I try my utmost to cherish these moments. The kids (only 10 & 8 now) grow up so fast, and as I love them more each day (which I hardly even believe is possible), I dont want the early years to fly by and finish so fast. I know that for many many years to come, we will continue to have a strong and tight family relationship, and then fact that the nature of the relationship changes and develops as the kids grow (and in fact as we grow), will only to prove to make us stronger together. But I already mourn the years when the kids were learning to walk and learning to talk. Doing and saying the most adorable things with their childlike innocence.

I have to keep promising myself to live for the moment each time I am with them. To be there in body and mind when I am with them - I know these days dont come back.

We ended the family day with just the four of us enjoying good conversation over a good steak meal. With the presence of mind that I promised to have, I realised that I am lucky to have this family that has such great love and caring inside it.

Happy Fathers Day !

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