Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Back to blogging !

Back to my blog today after ........ a long time!

2 inspirations today to restart my blogging "career" (let's see if
either carries me beyond todays entry).

The first is my friend Kiran. A lady who (much like me) loves to write
and (unlike me) can do it very well and is disciplined to do it
regularly. I keep telling myself that I must hunker down and find time
do something like this that I love, but something always stops me! After
having read Kirans latest line of blogs, I have been inspired to start
writing again. Thank you Kiran. Time (and I hope that means more than 24
hours) will tell if this is a flash in the plan ..... me passing time
while I am bored on a plane, or if it is a true shift in my behaviour!

The second inspiration is my beloved Arsenal. The flight I am on is
taking me from 3 days of work in Moscow to London - where I head
straight to the Emirates (via my friends office for a quick after drink
/ pre-match beer) to go an watch the Gunners battle Barcelona. Apart
from the importance this quarter final match has in the Champions
League, what a spectacle it promises to be. Two of the most attractive
football playing teams in the world coming together.

Come on Red Army!

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