Sunday, July 25, 2010

Holiday Nostalgia - Summer 2010

So it's the end of a fantastic 2 week holiday. I'm very sad it's over, and it will be difficult to re-engage into work again quickly!

Our fortnight away started with a 2 day stop in New York. Nothing planned, other than a chance to adjust to time difference and get some shopping in. The weather was scorching! 37 degrees saw us take an 8am walk in Central Park and Shaan and Tia spent most of the time under the water sprays to stay cool, and by 9am we had had enough.

Day 3 saw us fly to Washington DC. I had visited the city 10 years ago and had spent just 48 hours there on a business trip. But the city had left a lasting impression on me. I remembered being surrounded by so many historic sites, so was excited at the chance to have a more detailed look at them with my family this time around.

The Lincoln Memorial, and the view across the lake to Congress. The White House, the Pentagon, Arlington Cemetery, the J. Edgar Hoover building and not to mention the many buildings that comprise the Smithsonian made this a trip that gave me ample opportunity to fill my desire for photography and all our thirst for knowledge on history.

A trip Georgetown showed us a beautiful suburb of the city, but in other parts, we were taken aback by the amount of poverty and homelessness in this capital city.

Next we were off to Las Vegas! The first part of the holiday where I really managed to "switch off". We checked into the splendid Encore Hotel. Sandip and his family joined us, so we all had company. The kids enjoyed the pool, the ladies shopping, and me and Sandip the casinos and clubs at night!

It is incredible what has been built in this desert oasis. A hotel resort that has everything. Fantastic rooms, a great casino, a selection of world class restaurants, a series of swimming pools, a shopping mall, the most outstanding poolside nightclub I have ever seen, and even it's own 18 hole golf course and country club!

We spent one day on a trip to the Grand Canyon, which truly impressed me. I didn't know what to expect, but all I can comment on is it's vastness and stunning natural beauty! Another opportunity for me to go camera crazy - following Shaan up to the top of a peak had me following my desire for the perfect view ahead of bowing to my fear of heights .... and it was certainly worth it.

Another day was spent on the hotel golf course. Despite the scorching heat and a round that saw me lose by 9 holes! It was a fantastic experience on a great course.

In the evenings we got a chance to enjoy David Copperfield and the "O" show (which is as good as everyone tells you it is).

So after 5 days of total fun and relaxation (truly an "only in Vegas" holiday). After over eating, over partying, over spending and under sleeping, Shaan and I said bye to Reena and Tia and Sandip and co. and headed to Colorado for our father-son adventure (more on that later).

As I write now, Shaan and I are flying to New York where we look forward to reunite with Reena and Tia and fly back to London in the morning.

This holiday has done me good. It had shopping and good restaurants. Sightseeing and education. Partying and chillaxing (even though I hate that word), and even adventure. Once I got myself relaxed, I thoroughly enjoyed my family and friends time, the places we saw, and, crazy as it sounds to come from me, I will miss the USA.

Roll on Christmas !

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