Sunday, October 17, 2010

Etisalat has made me really angry !

Customer service in Dubai is generally been a disappointment, but I encountered something today that really made me fume !
While travelling in Hong Kong and China, my roaming service was cut off. I called Etisalat to find out what was going on, and I was told by a very "helpful" lady, that I dont have a roaming subscription and if I want to have one applied, then I need to send them a FAX to apply!

I explained, as calmly as I could, that I have had a roaming service for the past 10 years and it was working until the day before yesterday. The lady refused to accept this and continued to insist that this can't be the case. My argument back was to tell her to look at my phone bills for any previous month, and with the amount I travel she will always see some amount of international roaming. "I can't look at phone bills" came the helpful reply, at which point in my 30 minute international call, I insisted to speak to her supervisor. The lady I was speaking to agreed, but instead of transferring me, cut me off !

So I called back and had to spend another 5 minutes to re-explain my situation to a new operator this time, but at least he successfully transferred me to the supervisor. The supervisor did prove to be more sympathetic to my plight and did also manage to look at my file and see that I used to have a roaming contract in place. However, he told me that the only action he could take was to file a complaint on my behalf and then proceeded to give me another phone number, for the enterprise division, that could switch on my roaming.

So I have now spent nearly an hour on the phone, god knows at what cost, and the enterprise division promptly told me they cant help and I need to call the number that I had previously been speaking to.

Backwards and forwards, and in the end it was just better to give in and ask someone in my office to go to the Etisalat office and discuss and apply for a roaming service for me! This would take a couple of days, but that is what you have to put up with when you are the customer of a monopoly.

So I am stuck on a trip without my main phone, and the people on the end of the phone, the so called customer service reps, have shown no desire or ability to help me beyond reading what limited script they have in front of them, and the most senior person ready to come forward was bound by bureaucracy.

Shame on you Etisalat. You have inconvenienced a high revenue customer ... but you obviously don't care because you live in the luxury of knowing that i have no alternative choices available to me!

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