Tuesday, October 19, 2010

MY review of the Samsung Galaxy S

So after a bad experience with the HTC Wildfire, I changed to the Samsung Galaxy S.

Having used the Nexus One and the Wildfire, I like the Android platform, but was disappointed with the sluggish performance and poor battery life of the Wildfire. I think HTC made too many compromises to hit a size and price requirement.

So my decision was between the HTC Desire HD and the Samsung. Lucky for Samsung that there model was available in the shop I went to buy it, and that was the sole deciding factor.

Out of the box (considering I bought it in HK) the phone booted up in Chinese! Luckily I had my Wildfire and I used that to follow the menu trail and get the language converted to English. I was also peeved that they don't ship with an additional SD card. Its hardly any cost nowadays, but is a required convenience for consumers.

The main things of note:

Fantastic AMOLED screen. Big, bright and easy to read.
Easy to set up and sync with MS Exchange.
Very good. loud and clear speaker.

The size is a question for me. The housing accommodates the excellent large screen, but any bigger I would be struggling to fit it in my hand ! It is however very thin and very light, but does have a  bit of a "plasticy" ... making it feel cheaper than the iPhone and the Desire HD.

The email reader is good (although it does take a few seconds to open up), and has a yellowish background to make reading easier, but its infuriating that they have taken away the functionality to let you file mails !!!!!

SWYPE is a fantastic keyboard assistant. I can't stand on screen keyboards, but this is really convenient and really fast. Just drag your finger over the keys and it has a surprisingly high success rate of guessing the word you wanted. The more you use it, you start to pick up nice little tricks on how to make it work even faster for you. Very nice ... shame its not in Android market yet for other phones.

I did have some issues with the screen freezing as the processor took time to "think" (especially when opening the mail program). I didn't expect that, but its nothing like as slow as my Wildfire.

There is also a great feature that can make your phone into a WiFi hotspot. This is standard on all Android 2.2 (FROYO) devices, but this product currently ships with Eclair (2.1) - so it's good that Samsung added this feature.

After 3 days and heavy usage, the battery is certainly better than my Wildfire's. So far its giving me more than 24 hours of life, but whether that performance will deteriorate is yet to be seen ... it does ship with a second battery (although I have no idea how they expect me to charge that).

The actual voice call quality (lets not forget this is a phone after all!) is impressive. Very clear, but the proximity sensor is less than perfect, as I hung up a couple of calls as put the phone to my ear ! The dialing app is good. Easy to tap in a name on the number pad and all the matching names pop up ... but this time with an option to choose which of the number to dial of the selected person.

I think Android has a lot to offer. I know all the Apple evangelists out there are going to give me 101 reasons why Apple is better, but I am not comparing the two. Between Android, iOS, Symbian and then upcoming WinMo 7, I think they all have positives and negatives. Most are off putting for petty little points, that to my non-programming mind, would appear to be easy to fix.

I will just conclude to say that after 3 days of heavy usage, the Samsung Galaxy S has proven to be a good purchase ... lets see if the same is true after 3 weeks or 3 months.


  1. http://www.kiranscorner.com/2010/10/samsung-galaxy-s-review.html

  2. Haha.. I just saw you put a link to my review here.. thanks for that :)
    Although your review seems to be everything I said to you in emails about the phone! haha.. Did you copy/paste?? ;)
    Ok only just kidding. Glad you liked Swype.. it gets a little annoying after a while. As does the notification thing as you have to open every single message (and not just the thread) to get it off the list. Either way, its a fab Android phone!