Friday, October 29, 2010

So the Galaxy is flawed

Following my earlier post on the Samsung Galaxy S, it seems the honeymoon period is definately over !
First of all, I am trying to find a way to make a phone call to someone in my contact list in less than 8 or 9 clicks ! First select the phone app. You can find the person in the contact list easy enough. Type in the first few letters of a name, and the phone finds those people fast (very fast to its credit) ... but then you have to try and call them. Press the person, select which number, then press call and then again press confirm. I know I am being pedantic, but these things are phones primarily after all (or maybe THAT is a big question), so I would have thought you should be able to make a call without much hassle.

Second, while I am getting used to not being able to file emails on my phone, there has been a very annoying issue of emails not being sent ! There is an outbox view (which is hidden and can only be seen in the "combined inbox" app). When I finally found that, after about 10 days of using the phone, I saw a number of emails stuck there (I was wondering why I had no replies to those messages !). There was nothing I could do to "release" those messages. I scanned different chats and blogs on this subject, and found that I was not the only owner to face this very critical issue. The only solution was to uninstall and then reinstall my user account. Hugely inconvenient, but it APPEARS to have fixed the problem. My only concern now is that I have to check the outbox each time I send a message, as I fear something could get stuck in there any time.

(on the flip side, having found this combined inbox, it is a very good app - and for once I can synchronise a number of different exchange accounts on one device).

Another issue is the battery. After my first few days, when I was impressed, I am now struggling to get a full working day from the device. I find myself reducing screen brightness and shutting down push mail (and syncing only periodically) to make the battery life longer. Make the phone thicker and heavier, but don’t make such a critical sacrifice in designing a smart phone (especially a top end one).

However, I remain happy with the excellent screen, very good voice call quality and the Swype keyboard.

With Windows Mobile 7 about to be launched, I may switch again in my search for the perfect smart phone ... I already have reservations though, as I understand they have no cut and paste. With such sophisticated devices, I remain curious how each platform falls just marginally short. As long as they do, my hunt and trials and tribulations will continue !

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