Thursday, October 21, 2010

Will I see my daughter?

So after 10 days in HK and China, I'm exhausted and dying to get home.

I am on the overnight Emirates flight which should get me in at 4.35am. Plenty of time to get home and see the kids before they go to school.

But today the plan has gone wrong. After a decent sleep on the plane, I woke up at 4am with an announcement that we were going to land, but due to excessive fog over Dubai, we ended up circling for an hour !

We were finally touched down at 5.40, and as Tia leaves for school at 7am, there remained an outside chance I was still going to make it home in time ... but that didn't factor in the 15 minute taxi the plane had to make. All the while, my legs are twitching and my frustration building. Why can't all this be moving faster. The fog was so dense that you couldn't see more than 10 feet out of the window, so I couldn't even get my bearings. Finally, the plane came to a halt, and low and behold, we aren't at the terminal. Down the stairs and onto the bus ... could they have found somewhere further away from the terminal. I wanted to scream to let out my angst, but I just stood against the bus door ready to jump off and run as soon as they opened.

We reached the terminal at 6.20. If I hadn't any suitcases, getting home in time was very possible ... but I did, and I was going to have to wait. I was hopeful that the usually reliable "priority" tags wouldn't let me down this time, and as it turned out, they didn't. What did let me down was my e-gate card. Why wasn't it working? I had to go the desk to ask, and found it had expired ! How could all this happen today / this morning ?

It took a few minutes, but he stamped my passport and I was through. I grabbed a trolley and saw my bags just coming out. Was my luck this morning changing? Straight out, no hassle in customs and my Emirates car was waiting.

My drivers name is Hayat. Credit to him. He has put his foot down ll the way from the airport and has done everything in his ability to get me home fast. It is now 6.55am and I am entering Palm. I have had a chat with Tia on the phone. She's waiting at the front door and we both hope we will at least get a fleeting chance to meet before she leaves .......

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