Wednesday, December 8, 2010

As the year approaches its end ...

Its been a good week in Dubai. Reena has been in London, and I have been minding the kids. Its been a challenge to manage everything, but its been fun and it's my work that probably took most of the back seat.

But now I'm getting ready to "hit the road again" for my last trip of the year.

Its going to be a tiring one! China, Moscow and London, all in 10 days and an office Christmas party in each place (oh the things I have to do in my job!).

I'm not looking forward to the travel, and a couple of long haul red eye flights, but I am looking forward to the parties.

There is a nice excitement in each office towards each of their own events. Each takes great pride in putting on a good party and I like attending these to bring a close to the year. I get a  chance to catch up and share a drink and a meal with all those who do so much for the business ... especially those more "behind the scenes", but without whom things would grind to a halt.

It's also, of course, a nice chance for the whole company to celebrate together, and let their hair down (although not too much ;) ) and reflect on what has been achieved over the past month and celebrate the "wins" and move on from the problems ... especially in this continuing difficult economic climate - they have done well and should take this opportunity to look back, draw in a deep breath ... and get ready for the new year!

At the end of the trip, I will be eager to get home, and look forward to some time off in Dubai during this quiet period. I will get time with the kids & Reena, time on the golf course, time to sleep, time to tie up any loose ends from the year, and time with friends and family!

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