Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A day and dinner in China.

A long day in the China office yesterday. I flew in overnight (to HK) and then drove straight into Shenzhen in the hope of getting to sleep quickly and being able to have a relatively leisurely morning before a 9.30am start in our SZ office.

As usual, however, the first night in HK/China is always turbulent. I did manage to sleep by 3am, but just couldn't hit the snooze button enough times at wake up time in the morning.

The day went well. A series of meetings with key suppliers. Already discussing products for next Christmas already ... that's how our industry works.

I was exhausted by the end of the day and when I reached my hotel, I pondered about a meal in the bar, in the coffee shop, or in the room.

I was feeling lazy and didn't mind something light, so opted for the room. I immidiately ordered a grilled chicken sandwich (believing it to be a healthy option) and then got on the phone and worked on email.

While I would normally be in a dressing gown within 2 minutes of entering my room, I don't know why I remained dressed this evening, but it was a doomed fate as my healthy (rather tasty) chicken sandwich dropped a large globule of mayo right onto my khaki pants ... the only pants I have with me on this trip!

So all during today, I have kept my jacket on, as the mark can be surreptitiously and strategically covered by its overhang ... and I have learned a lesson to NEVER travel with only one pair of pants again (especially if they are light coloured)!

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