Friday, March 25, 2011

My wi-fi has collapsed :(

I tend to be a bit off a "boffin" with IT, especially around the house. I refuse to call in "professionals" and tend to do all the AV and IT set up and wiring around the house myself (Reena is constantly annoyed with the plethora of wires lying around).

I enjoy the challenge and it’s the best way for me to stay in touch with new technologies.

Things have been working rather well since we moved into our house on the Palm. I tried various configurations with mixed success, but it was (and here I give Apple full credit) an Apple network that I finally settled on. I had to get the balance right between sufficient wireless coverage in the places I needed, but consciously tried to avoid any signal in the kid’s bedrooms.

So we have had good internet everywhere we wanted it, music and movies streaming how we wanted them, printing and back up file storage all operating as it should, but suddenly, the last couple of weeks there have been increasing dead spots in the house and a drastic reduction in internet speed. The connections are going dead and things are far less smooth.

I have been putting up with this for a while and tried a couple of resets on the routers and repeaters, but today there seems to be total collapse!

We have a couple of computers in the house connected by wires, but when the wireless goes, you are lost without a connection. Reena, for one, is reliant only her blackberry (the Macbook Air has no LAN input !!!).

So now its time for a total revamp. I have tried replacing one repeater, but another goes dead. I have tried moving them, but the signal coverage falls.

Frustrating as this is, my silver lining is to have a chance to go and buy a whole new assortment of networking kit and see what’s developed in the past 3 years.

Sorry Reena ... there’s more wires and boxes and old gadgets about to pile up!

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