Monday, March 28, 2011

The price of a tooth

A couple of nights ago, my daughter lost another tooth. There can’t be that many more to go. She came in to our room just after brushing her teeth and announced she had a loose tooth, and then promptly pulled it out.

"Mummy, tell the Tooth Fairy that my tooth will be under my pillow", she said cheekily, "and tell her that I should get 100 Dhirams!". My wife began to protest (on behalf of the Tooth Fairy). Surely inflation hasn’t been that high since we were kids?

"But it's a molar mummy! Molars are worth 100 Dhirams!", Tia explained factually, at which point our son came in fighting his sister’s corner.

"Yes, a molar. Definitely 100 Dhirams. An incisor is less, but a canine gets the most" said Shaan helpfully.

Well, I was lost for words. I wasn't sure where this "price list" had come from, but I had to admire my kids ingenuity and remarkable negotiating skills.

Sometimes you just have to sit back and enjoy the ways kids think and rationalise issues in a way that adults simply can't.

In the end, there was a compromise. The Tooth Fairy and Tia settled on 50 Dhirams!

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