Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The 60 minute meeting

I had a breakfast meeting yesterday. It started at 9am and finished exactly at 10am.

I'm astonished at how the natural rhythm of a business meeting works exactly around the hour.

Today was a good meeting. We exchanged pleasantries and discussed what had to and then moved onto world affairs and families etc... and then the discussion came to a natural "end". We asked for the bill, left the restaurant, and it was exactly one hour.

This has happened on so many occasions. The meeting can be intense, relaxed, enjoyable, stressful and sometimes even dull, but 90% of the time my meetings conclude in an hour, without any clock watching!

Is this a bizarre occurrence just for me, or are all business cycles now so well developed that we all instinctively work around the 60 minute cycle?

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