Monday, June 27, 2011

Lead me not into temptation ....

After an amazingly lazy day at home on the weekend (I was still in my pyjamas at 7pm), Reena and I decided to go out to the mall in the evening, just to stretch our legs.

It was an uneventful trip, but lazy days have a habit of burning energy, and I was starting to feel peckish. Going past fresh bakeries and donut options, my favourite creperie and then past Starbucks, I was starting to get rather tempted for a bite ... But none of these options really felt sufficient for me.

I mentally scanned the mall and thought of all the options available. I didn't want to "sit down" and I wasn't in the mood for my more usual smoothie fix. A mall shwarma isn't the same as a street shwarma, and I still remember the last KFC zinger burger I had - it was dry and felt like a waste of an indulgence, and I didn't want a repeat of that mistake ... And then it hit me! Shake Shack!

My initial experience of this was a couple of weeks ago, and as the thought came into my mind, I could feel the soft sandwich in my fingers. The Double Shack burger. Soft White bread, not too thick, but solid enough not to crumble under the juices of the burger and condiments that lie therein. The burger is made perfectly. The double patty burger with cheese, lettuce tomato and their own special sauce is cooked, but not well done. It remains moist, and burger juices dribble, but don't squirt, making this a chewable delight. The bun remains solid and the whole sandwich is not overstuffed, enabling you to get a full mouthful of all the flavours without a struggle. As your teeth bite in, the burger and it's toppings easily part off into your mouth and it's a heavenly experience.

Since my healthy lifestyle began 9 months ago, I allow myself the occasional treat and I really hate to waste those opportunities. Be it a pizza, a steak, a pie or a burger, I love to savour those experiences, even knowing that I will regret it afterwards.

So as we walked towards Shake Shack this evening, I was torn inside between health and happiness, but the thought of those flavours dragged me in only one direction, and the end result was only just around the corner now ... But as it turned out, it was just around the corner and then the need to join a line nearly 30 people long! 30 people with the same idea, desire and craving I had. You could see them discussing the menu amongst themselves, salivating over what was to come, and the pangs of guilt were shooting through me as we waited in this line. Should I or shouldn't I? I will have some regrets regardless of the decision I take. It's the same feeling you get before a roller coaster ride. It's better to get to the front of the queue and go. The longer the wait I line, the longer you have to think. It's that anticipation that brings both the pleasure and the doubt.

So in the end, the line was too long. It made me consider one step too much. I have worked hard to lose my weight and improve my health and fitness, and so with the discipline of a person I wouldn’t have recognised less than a year ago, we left the line and walked away and I had a bowl of fruit at home! Delicious and nutritious! It was the right choice for me ...I'm just not sure at times I recognise who "me" is anymore!

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