Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Confidence from an Arsenal fan - on transfer deadline day!

So its just 3 days since the worst result Arsenal had in 115 years, but with the transfer window about to close and apparent relentless activity from Arsenal, I remain confident.

The Man Utd result was a severe shock and marks an all time low point, but I see only positives coming out of that.

First of all, there is nowhere to go but up, but aside from that, with a bunch of new signings and top players coming back, I believe this season is wide open.

Yes, both Manchester teams look extremely strong, but we are only 3 games into the season and a lot can happen.

By my reckoning, Arsenal are only 3 point off the pace. A draw at Newcastle is a fair result, a loss at Old Trafford is probably par for the course anyway, and only the defeat at home to Liverpool was really against the grain ... in my book, we have to look to take 3 points from every home game.

So we (Arsenal) are a little off the pace, but we have Song, Sagna, Gibbs, Vermalen, Gervinho and Frimpong all to come back and the new strong signings (looking like Mertesacker, Benayoun, Santos, Park and Arteta as I write just prior to the transfer window closing) all make for a totally different team to the one that resembled a non-league team that got demolished on the weekend.

Maybe that colossal defeat will prove to have been for the club. I remain an avid support of Wenger and think he has been treated unfairly. He has done his job well and was handicapped when David Dean left. He always talked positively about the budget he had to spend, but I'm not really sure he had it. I think the current board was scared to spend and believed too much in Wenger's ability to keep buying and developing new talent (which is a remarkable skill). However, I think the embarrassment at Old Trafford has woken up the powers that be and it seems that Wenger has finally been allowed to raid the sweet shop. It may be late, but nit too late. The signings we are hearing about are quality and in the positions we need. The next time Arsenal take to the pitch (at home against Swansea thankfully) I think we will see a rejuvenated team that is back in contention. The goals will flow and the points will follow. Arsenal will be back quickly and strongly and shall be competing for all four competitions again.

Remember, you heard it here first. I may be an eternal optimist, but it's definitely better that than crying very night.

Come on Wenger ... Come on Arsenal!

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