Monday, August 29, 2011

Farewell Jay, Neil, Simon and Will (and Will's mum)!

It's been a hilarious 3 years.

Ever since I first saw an episode of The Inbetweeners on a Cathay Pacific flight (episode 6 of series 1) I became a huge fan. The characters were instant classics and their simple setting within a school and suburban London and the very down to earth style of British TV, it made this "situation" so very believable. The 3 series have been amazing and I've been able to watch them over and over and not get tired.

Through 18 episodes, from Will's "Bumder" speech to his dodgy stomach "moment" in the exam room. From Simon's dip in the sea on the school trip to his vomitting on Carly's brother. From Neil's one piece tuxedo at the school prom to his uncontrollable bladder during the boys trip to Warwick. And Jay ... what can you say about Jay's moments? The fantasy world he lives in and his classic vocabulary gave him moments in every single episode, all of which will keep him remembered for sure.

Along with the parents and Mr. Gilbert, watching the entire journey through the boys’ sixth form years has been a delight.

So what was in store for the finale? In a word, Hilarity!

It would have been so easy for the team and the writers to "cash in" on the success of the series with a movie and go for a big screen theme and "experiment" with new ideas and grander ventures, but it was delightful to see that they all stayed true to their experience and made the big screen movie just a long version of a TV episode (albeit on location), but even then, the location was perfectly selected to stay in keeping with the feel of the series ... traditional “English” Magalouf!

The boys continued their antics  as the "Pussay Patrol" go on boys holiday and as expected, there were classic moments throughout the film. Although many of these so predictable as the story line sets them up, they are nevertheless executed excellently. There are embarrassing moments, hilarious moments, painful moments and (it wouldn't be Inbetweeners is there weren't any) gross out moments (note how Neil uses the "kids loo")!

I have loved the settings and the characters and the story lines of each and every episode, so as much as I hate to admit it, I think this is a good, appropriate and timely ending to The Inbetweeners. I'd love for it to go on for years to come, but it's better to bow out from the top with some excellent memories, and that’s where they are.

So I want to say a big thank you and good luck to the entire team for their futures.

Jay, Neil, Simon and Will (and Will's mum), we will miss you!

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