Monday, August 1, 2011

A thorough disappointment!

What a disaster!

After a week in China and good behavior toward my food, I was looking forward to a "farewell" dinner in Hong Kong of a sumptuous hamburger that I had been craving for my entire trip.

I had put up with some scary food during my trip (I tried black eggs for the first time), but the last meal selection was 100% in my hands.

After staying in my favorite LKF hotel (, I tried to book a table at Gold ... A tried and tested and most excellent restaurant. International cuisine and a superb Malbec, but they were full! It was Friday night and I should have planned better.

Instead, I ended up in the Opus Grill (2 floors further up). I should have realized there was a reason it was the only place that had tables available!

I got the menu and went directly to the main courses and this rather expensive grill restaurant did indeed have a hamburger as a featured dish, so my selection was made in 3 seconds.

I did find a nice Malbec as well which I ordered in anticipation to wash down this gorgeous juicy gourmet hamburger I had been dreaming of.

So the order went and the food arrived, satisfyingly quickly ... but that is the only thing that was satisfying about it.

First of all, it was served between 2 slices of toast! Now I'm an open minded guy and am ready, in most cases, to try new things... but a burger in-between 2 slices of toast? That's just not cricket!

Second was its thickness. This thing was a huge patty. Had it been delicious, that would have been a dream come true, but I had to eat this with a knife and fork (and in my book, that's no way to eat a hamburger). But even worse, as I cut it, it was firm. Not soft and juicy like a good burger should be. This was firm. Not quite like a steak, but it's density and texture lay somewhere in no mans land. This was heading towards a disaster.

So finally I took a bite, and it couldn't even pass the "not bad" test. This was a thorough disappointment. I know my expectations had been high and I had been hankering for a perfect burger. Any restaurant was going to have to excel to satisfy me, but this one totally let me down.

I ate half the burger as I needed something in my stomach (I had practically fasted all day), and feel awful as I write this that I wasted a consumption of mega calories and red meat on something so utterly bad! A good old trusty Big Mac would have been better. My taste buds would have been supremely satisfied and I would have known exactly what I was getting.

So the LKF has let me down again. Between the rooms you can't sleep in, the disastrous breakfast, the appalling Opus Grill, the Gold restaurant remains the one glimmering hope in this building.

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