Friday, October 7, 2011

Good bye Steve Jobs

Many people accuse me of being an Apple hater. This is far from the truth.

In this moment of sadness, I have to confess of being an Apple envy-er.

I remain of the opinion that Apple products are far from perfect (they do crash, they don’t function as flawlessly as claimed and they do come up short against the competition on a number of fronts), but at the end of the day, they are beautiful products, loved by tens of millions and there is outstanding creativity behind what they do.

Apple, through Steve Jobs, have created an evangelical following for themselves. What a position to be in where millions of people wait up to watch a product launch speech and then rave and blog about it to the whole world. How can a company get such a following of passionate consumers that won’t have a bad word said about the products it makes, even when it clearly has flaws? Indeed I know people who run their own successful businesses and speak with more passion about Apple and its products than they do about their own businesses.

So this is my envy. It’s a dream for my business to have even a fraction of that following and loyalty from its customers and consumers.

Apple achieved this because of a truly brilliant person like Steve Jobs.

He had a dream to change the world with his passion, and he achieved that … genuinely. He took the time to understand consumers in a way that consumers don’t understand themselves and he led a generation of business leaders to think different!

At the end, my envy is better served as admiration.

Steve Jobs … you will be missed!

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