Tuesday, November 8, 2011

CSI ... Michael Jackson !

I saw this morning that Dr Murray was found guilty of manslaughter against Michael Jackson.

Now I remember the unbelievable sadness following Michael Jacksons death 18 months ago, and it was a tragic day … we did lose one of the greatest artists this world has ever seen, but I think this farcical trial that has followed has been shameful.

Not because I don’t believe in justice. Justice should be served to whoever, wherever and whenever appropriate, but I don’t believe that international TV news is the appropriate place. For this doctor to have been put on trial in front of the worlds media in relation to this case, dare I say, the man didn’t stand a chance!

Now I haven’t watched any of the proceedings and nor am I a lawyer, but I am certain that anyone watching this “show” on TV will not be acquainted with all the facts and will be in no position to pass judgement, which is why it has made me unusually angry to see the celebrations that followed Dr. Murray’s guilty verdict.

Who are these people to be celebrating this mans fate? I understand they were passionate about Michael Jackson and therefore saddened, even devastated, by his loss … but I don’t believe it is their place to be cheering in the streets at a court verdict.

What would have happened had Dr. Murray been found innocent? No doubt there would be have been tears and anger at such a travesty? I don’t believe these people have a right to be involved in the judicial process to this extent, and the courtroom is no place for TV cameras, allowing for people to hear only half the story. With such a public trial, Dr. Murray was either going to be guilty and sent to jail, or be declared not-guilty by the court, but then, nevertheless, be presumed guilty by the watching world (and then live the rest of his life in a "virtual jail").

There were people being filmed as headline news on the BBC today crying with joy at the verdict delivered by the court. I cannot fathom the emotion that some people have shown today … I don’t think its right or appropriate and I abhor this “realty TV” life we are all starting to live in.

We all miss the King of Pop, but the issue of justice being served should have been an issue solely for the authorities involved, the Jackson family and Dr. Murrays family.

To the others, get a life !

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