Thursday, November 3, 2011

Zig Zaggers

I generally have a hard time dealing with crowds. I get claustrophobic and try to walk as quickly as possible to get out of the confined space created by so many bodies, but my big pet peeve is those people who walk slowly and aimlessly, zig zagging in front of me and then perhaps even just stop for no apparent reason at all.

In these situations, be it in shopping malls, airports, train stations or just busy streets, I am normally single minded in an effort to evacuate myself as fast as possible. I look ahead, find my path and walk with purpose ... finding the gaps and maneuvering without hesitation ... until I come across a zig zagger. Invariably these people are also dawdlers. I am sure it is not there fault and there is nothing deliberate in their actions to try and irritate me, but they irk me nonetheless.. I can't describe the frustration I feel after making good progress through a crowd and then I come across one of these guys. They walk slow and seemingly without aim or purpose, and as I plan my way past they move without explanation ... right into my path. I'll have to slow down and adjust my path accordingly, but then they do it again, and again, and again. I can be blocked behind one of these people for what seems like eternity, especially when I am in a rush to reach somewhere. They seem oblivious to my desire to try and pass being locked up in their own world. They drive me mad ... I guess the best term for this feeling would be foot rage! I just wish they would have some presence of mind and be aware of what is going on around them and walk in a straight line, at a consistent speed and most definitely out of my path.

Whenever I am in a crowd and do not have any urgency to get somewhere, I do try and remind myself of these people and push myself not to be one. I think I am successful, but if you ever see me dawdling or zig zagging somewhere, please come up to me and politely yell in my ear to get out of the way!

60,000 people at The Arsenal ... I can make an exception for this crowd!

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