Sunday, January 15, 2012

Leaving Las Vegas

So another CES exhibition in Las Vegas has finished. It is claimed to have been the most attended in history .. That may well be, but I for one, was underwhelmed.

It was as big as before, with as many visitors, but there was no buzz of  excitement in the air. While most companies were displaying new products, I think there was a lack of innovative ideas. There were TV's bigger and thinner than before. Mobile phones faster and lighter than before. There was a plethora of headphones and I was taken aback by the number of iPhone and iPad cases that were on display. But what was truly "new"?

For sure we have become spoiled in recent years with advances in personal technology, that we are no longer awestruck to note that the smartphones in our pockets hold more computer processing power than NASA had to send Neil Armstrong to the moon … but I think there was a real lack of imagination shown at this years CES.

There was a section on healthcare … how the iGeneration of devices and their apps can help not only the aged and inform, but also monitor and improve the health of the physically fit and able. Amongst these were some obvious solutions, but the odd glimpse of true out of the box thinking did appear.

What did look like the next big emerging technology was gesture recognition. The Xbox Kinect was the big story last year, and this year more firms have taken it on. It is being incorporated into many TV's to replace remote controls, but there was a glimpse of wider applications coming through as well … I think "watch this space".

The Xbox and Kinect were again a major showpiece
Gesture control becoming more widespread

Beyond that, Nokia made an impression with their most lively stand for a long time and the Blackberry stand was a lot less crowded than last year when they displayed their Playbook for the first time. The impossibly thin new TV's from Samsung have already been much talked about,  and understandably so ... they are an incredible feat of engineering.

impossibly thin ...
... its even difficult to get a picture of it sideways

The huge amount of tablets that followed on iPads success last year were all gone, seemingly replaced by an unbelievable amount of headphones, following on from Beats success this past year.

I remain in hope for our own business with this dearth of imagination in the industry … it means the competition remains weak, but it saddens me at the same time. I hope for a much better effort in these coming 12 months so that CES 2013 will be something well worth looking forward to.

A bright future for Nokia?

Sony's vision of a future computer

Is this how we will all watch television in the future?

Its incredible how kids now will intuitively touch any screen

Some light hearted fun as well

The incredible fountains of the Bellagio hotel

Last but not least, our US customer put our Freeplay range on display ... nice to see we had a "presence" at the show!

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