Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What a load of rubbish!

Flying from Dubai to New York, you leave at 2am and  land at 7.30am (factoring in a 9 hour time difference). I was "lucky" enough to have a one hour delay in taking off as well.

Planning for such a flight is always a challenge. When to sleep and when to eat, so I just go with the flow and deal with the time difference consequences on arrival.

The other issue on a flight this long (assuming you don't sleep much ... which is the position I have found myself in) is what to do for so many hours! I find it difficult to work on a plane these days. In a world where we are switched on 24/7, I usually enjoy my solitary time on a flight and treat it as a "mini holiday". I could read, but I'm due at Harvard next week and have been studying so hard recently that I am all "read out". I will usually write a blog entry (here it is) and then I am left to choose between movies, TV shows and video games! Despite how it may sound, I take this time planning very seriously.

So far in this flight I have seen "Moneyball". An inspiring true story about a Baseball team and its manager (Brad Pitt) and how he takes a small professional baseball team to the play-offs. He competes with teams like the New York Yankees on a (comparatively) measly budget and changes the way the game is managed and played by showing the league around him that success is not all about big money individual stars, but about teams and a collection of the right mix of skills and abilities.

I also watched a rather cheesy, but entertaining family movie ... "Real Steel" (I must remember to download it for my kids to watch when I am back). Set in the future, this movie is about the world of robot boxing. Where a father and son team take a broken down robot from the scrap heap and work together to make it a champion. Think Transformers meets Rocky. A predictable story line and typical fairy tale ending, but good light hearted entertainment.

And then i watched "Killer Elite". I should have been warned off this movie by the incredibly unimaginable title, but the cast ... Jason Statham and Robert De Nero (and Clive Owen) ... how can you beat that? Jason Statham ... "Turkish" in Snatch, "Handsome Rob" in the Italian Job. An all action star in the Transporter movies and classic in "Lock, Stock" ... and Robert De Nero ... what even needs to be said about him ... Heat, Casino, The Godfather, etc.. etc.. etc..

But what the hell was this? This was truly rubbish (at least the first 30 minutes, and I just couldn't go beyond that). Apart from the story being so weak (Statham and De Nero are hired by an Arab Sheik to kill 3 SAS soldiers who killed the Sheiks sons), the acting was appalling. Shockingly so and especially for actors like these. A total and utter disappointment ... even on a flight this long with nothing else to do, I would rather get out my Harvard cases and continue studying than watch the rest of this drivel!

If you are flying on Emirates this month (or any other airline showing this), take my advice and avoid this disaster of a movie.

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