Monday, February 13, 2012

Well done Singapore Airlines

I typically have a rant on this blog about things that irk me, but occasionally I come across some good stuff, and those stories need (perhaps even more so) to be told too.

This story is about a company with a fantastic marketing technique. The other day I received a phone call from Singapore Airlines about a forthcoming trip. The representative who rang me first confirmed that I was booked on a certain flight, and after I confirmed, she told me that a cheaper fare was available for that same flight and would I like to avail of that and get a refund for the difference? It took me a moment to grasp this most unnatural situation, but of course replied “yes”

This phone call stunned me. What company calls and offers you a discount AFTER a sale is made? If this is a genuine situation and normal practice for SQ, then that is fantastic customer service. Alternatively, if this was a marketing ploy (to which I was the lucky beneficiary) set up to make me feel good and simply spread the word about SQ’s exceptional service … then it worked!

Whichever it was, Singapore Airlines has bought my loyalty. I will certainly look to fly with them whenever there is a route I need that they fly, and I have already spread the word to anyone who will listen to me, including my adding this blog entry and my preaching it to the whole of our business as a case study in outstanding customer experiences.

Well done Singapore Airlines. Thanks for giving me something positive to write about.

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