Saturday, March 31, 2012

My baby girl is going away!

Can’t sleep again … but for a good clear reason today!

Its 2am and in another hour I have to take my baby girl to the airport!

My 11 year old “teenager” is off with her school to Austria for a week. I will miss her dreadfully, but know she will have an amazing time with her mates for 7 days enjoying some great skiing.

We have to meet the rest of her group at the ungodly hour of 4am, and although I went to bed early, I have been tossing and turning all the while … nervous that I will miss the alarm and also thinking in my head of all the last minute advise I need to give her.

Look after you passport, be sensible on the slopes, stay with the group at all times, call and send messages at every single possible moment you can, sleep and eat properly, etc…., but Tia, although young, is an immensely sensible and responsible young lady and I know she will do all of these things and more just from her instinct.

It may be at least 10 years too early, but a time comes when you have to start “letting go” and this only help kids to grow and become the wonderful independent people they are destined to be.

So perhaps the best advice I can and should be giving her is …

Go off Tia, have a blast. Enjoy your time and enjoy the slopes! We will miss you and will be waiting with outstretched and open arms for your return next week!

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