Saturday, April 28, 2012

City don't deserve to win the league!

What the hell is Robero Mancini thinking?

He claims that with 3 games to play, even if City win the derby game on Monday night that United will still be favorites (even though City will go top of the table on goal difference with just 2 games to play)!

What sort of confidence building fighting talk is that? He manages the richest club in the world, has the most expensive team in the world, will be top of the league with 2 games to go and says his arch rivals will be favorites.

I know that Premier League managers like to play "mind games" with one another andI understand that sometimes people play down their positions, but when you have the finish line in site and you are in front, you have to make yourselves favorites and talk yourselves up. The league has to be seen as being totally in their hands to throw away if they win the derby and then lose the league! How can they think that United have the "easier" run in and should therefore be favorites. If City want to be pretenders and contenders, then how can they have any less confidence than to believe they can beat anyone and take the title.

Or is this just Mancini covering his own back in case the worst does happen ... that's just cowardice and very poor leadership in my opinion and only strengthens the fact that the "team" is comprised of mercenaries with no club spirit or loyalty.

You won't see Man Utd thinking like this, and Arsenal know that third place is in their hands and theirs only to lose, (even though they have the "harder" runi-in) and all the other teams below them would think similarly because they all have some kind of team spirit and club culture.

I am shocked by Mancini's approach and even more so now do hope that City win nothing this year!

The above comments stem from the following BBC article:

Roberto Mancini says Manchester United will still be favourites to win the Premier League - even if his Manchester City side win Monday night's derby.
Victory at Etihad Stadium would see Mancini's men leapfrog United to go top of the table on goal difference.
But the City boss said: "I think if we win this game, they are favourites. They have more chance than us.
"We play the derby and then Newcastle, that will be a very tough game, then after that QPR."
Mancini believes United have an easier run-in, adding: "United will play against Swansea and Sunderland and I think they will be two easy games."

Thursday, April 26, 2012

a PERFECT product !

I'm a big fan of well made and well designed products. Indeed, I spoke at my sons school last week about the importance of designing products with consumers at the front of mind and considering what their REAL needs and desires are.

So I was utterly delighted and excited to see a short news article this morning about a company that has clearly done that and come up with one of the finest product creations ever (at least in my opinion and within their scope of activity).

Pizza Hut have announced the arrival of the cheeseburger pizza! What genius! I have always enjoyed "The Hut" and am a big fan of their cheese stuffed crusts (despite my healthy lifestyle) ... but this latest addition to their menu is innovation at it's best.

All those times u have gone into an "American" restaurant and been in turmoil trying to choose between a burger or a pizza ... Now I can have my proverbial cake AND eat it!

a thing of beauty !

I can't even imagine how the board room and new product meeting discussions at Pizza Hut's headquarters took place. Who was the bright spark that started the ball rolling and what were the factors to consider on devising this heavenly treat. What stages did the R&D department go through and how many iterations of this feast were developed before the Chairman of the business sat at his desk and bit into a sample of the final suggested product, thought hard and then gave a gentle nod of approval as a subtle smile appeared on his sauce covered lips?

This Crown Crust Burger pizza (as it has been called) consists of toppings designed to match the cheeseburger stuffed crust, including cheese, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, pieces of beef and unidentified "special sauce".

Now I'm so excited about this pizza that I'm itching to have one and have no idea where or when I shall be able - you lucky Americans have it on your doorstep and don't know how lucky you are!

"Pizza Hut introduces cheeseburger-ringed pizza in Middle East" ... I just saw that this product will ONLY be offered in the Middle East!  I SHALL go to the ball!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My new logo

I am proud to announce my new look blog and especially my new look logo!
It took a while to find something that felt just right, but I think this “hits the spot”.
As my blog contains a variety of my rants and raves, and generally anything that I feel passionate about, I felt it fitting that the logo takes a look inside my head.
Inside, my many passions are clear to see:
Arsenal football club (of course), tech and gadgets, whisky, fine wine and cheeses. The sports I enjoy to play, including football, golf, skiing and scuba diving and a focus on travel, including my favourite “haunts” … London, Moscow and Dubai. Last buy not least, I have my kids frolicking in front of it all, highlighting the important part that family plays in my life.
I hope you like how its come out, and hope you will continue to read and enjoy my blog.