Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My new logo

I am proud to announce my new look blog and especially my new look logo!
It took a while to find something that felt just right, but I think this “hits the spot”.
As my blog contains a variety of my rants and raves, and generally anything that I feel passionate about, I felt it fitting that the logo takes a look inside my head.
Inside, my many passions are clear to see:
Arsenal football club (of course), tech and gadgets, whisky, fine wine and cheeses. The sports I enjoy to play, including football, golf, skiing and scuba diving and a focus on travel, including my favourite “haunts” … London, Moscow and Dubai. Last buy not least, I have my kids frolicking in front of it all, highlighting the important part that family plays in my life.
I hope you like how its come out, and hope you will continue to read and enjoy my blog.

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