Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I believe that children are the future

My daughter had her end of year "Speech Day" this week, to mark the end of her time in Repton Junior School.

Academic and sports awards were distributed to the students for their achievements throughout the year and a couple of teachers made speeches to the parents and students in attendance.

It's about these that I want to write and comment. Repton prides itself on traditional English values and as I heard these ideals being reiterated to the "graduating" class of 2012, I was filled with joy and hope for the future. We heard about the activities and successes the students have had in academics, sports, music, drama and a number of other extra curricular activities, and also, crucially, in the development of their manners, ethics and humanitarian sides of their personalities. Common decency and how to be a good human being are all too often under played in today's hyper competative world, and here was a refreshing change.

Here sat a group of children ... Still young and moving on to "big school", but the discipline and manners and hard working ethic that has already been installed in them is admirable.

In a world filled with so many problems. In a world filled with so much corruption, crime and declining moral values, it is heart warming to see the good in our future.

Another 150 children moving on to become fine upstanding and contributing citizens to the world.

Well done Repton for playing your invaluable part in this and continuing a legacy that has stretched over 100 years already.

We are proud of the children we have, and you have contributed significantly in making them who they are.

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