Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Anticipation is a dish best served hot!

A nice treat this morning as I walked to our Shenzhen office. I found that Chinese Starbucks (or at least this branch in this city) serve an old favourite of mine ... a Coconut Mocha Frappuccino (mine is with no whipped cream of course). This used to be a staple for me in Dubai until the stores there consistently kept running out of coconut and the drink was eventually and sadly removed from their menu.

This reminded me of a recent experience I had in London dealing with a another Starbucks menu "alteration". In many situations I am person of fierce habit and I don't like change, and this one got me quite riled up with my favourite coffee chain.

Running for a connection at Heathrow, I had to grab a quick breakfast to go.

My regular readers will know that this should mean a fruit plate, but I decided to indulge and go to Starbucks instead. To accompany my hot mocha, I grabbed an old favourite of mine ... the Breakfast Panini (bacon, eggs, mushrooms and baked beans). Warmed up and served piping hot, it is always a lovely treat when I pass through London.

So I reminisced, bought it, had it heated and bagged and then ran for my flight. I settled on board and indulged ... and was hugely disappointed. It must be a year since I last had one, but the powers that be (in the starbucks financial department no doubt) have made a catstrophic decision to cut costs. My panini was poorly filled leaving me with more bread than filling, and the sauce of the now absent baked beans was sorely missed!

What a shame! One of the nicest emotions I know is anticipation, especially prior to a meal. When you order a dish you are familiar with and you start to taste it in your mouth before you even have the food. That's how I was feeling until I took that first bite, and then felt one of the worst emotions I know ... disappointment!

It seems the McDonalds Sausage Egg McMuffin regains its place as my "breakfast on the run" first choice ... I can taste it now!

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