Tuesday, July 17, 2012



Dallas is back!

One of my fondest and most lasting memories is family evenings in front of the telly. Wednesday nights at 7. Back in the day when we only had 3 TV channels, this was everyones highlight of the week.

It was dramatic and over the top at times. The characters and their behaviours were extreme, if not ridiculous from time to time, but we all loved it.

I'm not sure exactly when it ended, but it was a sad day when it did. Other programmes and thousands of channels have since come and passed, many extremely entertaining and, in their own way, have more than surpassed Dallas, and it was strange to hear that Dallas was coming back after a 20 year break!

I downloaded the prequel, a 7 minute "timeline" that filled in the gaps since the very last episode and then downloaded the new "episode 1".

The old favourites (with the same actors) are back. JR, Bobby and Sue Ellen in the starring roles (so far). It is crass, cheesy, still over the top and that same fantastic theme tune … it's perfect. They haven't changed a thing. It's almost like the series just continued on. I loved it … well done to the new creators.

The rest of the aired seasons are waiting on my iTunes. I can't wait for a few days off next week when we shall sit down for "family viewing" once again.

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