Monday, October 1, 2012

Seen the movie, read the book ... and then saw the movie again!

I've been a month away from blogging ... and although i missed it, it's a terrible struggle to get myself going again ... but when something happens that spurs up my passion, it makes it that much easier.

The Hunger Games did just that.

I was a laggard in seeing the movie (I caught it on a flight recently, long after it had finishes in the cinemas) , but I'm so glad I did. A superb story well told on the silver screen, and that inspired me to read the book.

There are a number of books I have read which have led to "blockbuster" movies. Those that come to mind are "The Silence of the Lambs",  "The Da Vinci code" trilogy and several John Grisham novels.

Some live up to their billings, and some are just a disappointment (compared to their written counterparts) ... the Da Vinci Code falling into the latter catagory

So with the Hunger Games, I was going in reverse order. I took a well worn copy of the book from home (everyone else in my family had been through it), and started reading.

I rifled through it. Even though I knew what was going to happen, I was gripped and riveted at every page turn, and, as expected, it was better than the film. The descriptions of places, surroundings and events - far more vivid than even big budget Hollywood could muster. The thoughts and musings of Katniss Everdeen being communicated on the page in a way that can't be done naturally on screen ... I could share her senses of hunger, thirst, fear and anxiety.
I'm a slow reader normally, but I just couldn't put this book down. I normally take the best part of a month to complete a book, but this was finished in a week ... Coincidentally, on a plane!


As soon as I finished, and felt my usual pang of sadness that accompanies the ending of a good thing, I had the opportunity to see the movie in-flight again.

Star crossed lovers

I enjoyed it thoroughly, the second time ... this time noticing the parts left out for expediency and to keep the story telling "simple", but I also noticed and appreciated that the producers had done the book justice. Much of the descriptive detail was executed well. The stage set for District 12 and the Capitol easily recognisable from their page descriptions and the character castings were near perfect.

From book to screen

I've become obsessed by this book and story, and I am rummaging quickly through "Catching Fire" as I write this.

I'll be sad again when I finish the trilogy and hope the movies come out thick and fast to appease me!

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