Monday, October 29, 2012


Life's most difficult question ... who is the best Bond?

Some like the suavness of Sean Connery, the wit of Roger Moore, the looks of Pierce Brosnan, the brute of Timothy Dalton or perhaps some find an endeering quality in George Lasenby ... but for me, the cool ruggedness of Daniel Craig gives him the title (with Sean  running a very close second).

Skyfall brings us into a new era of Bond movies. Sam Mendes directing a post Ian Fleming script gives us a very different feel of the series. There is far more of a  "story" in Skyfall. The action sequences remain, but this somehow feels different. More contemporary... perhaps even more "grown up". It's more of a serious movie, and for me, that's how and why Daniel Craig excels (although his debut portrayal in Casino Royale remains THE qunitessential performance to beat in what, for me, is the best Bond movie till date).

Despite the changes, thankfully, the critical elements of what makes a Bond movie exactly that are not touched. The one liners, the cunning bad guy and his masterful plot, the big hit theme song, the chase sequences and the exotic locations.

Much has also been written about Skyfall falling victim of sponsorship as our hero now drinks Heineken, but he has also developed a penchant for Macallan whisky ... keeping the ultimate movie charachter a man after my own heart.

Daniel Craig again plays this role as a uncompromising tough guy, but continues to show his vulnerability (he is the only bond that wears blood and bruises with class). As the the movie is still new (at the time of writing), of the few people I have spoken to, it has received a mixed reviews, but I loved it ... welcome back Mr. Bond!

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