Monday, November 18, 2013

The Day I sparked a revolution!

I have always enjoyed blogging, but more for the pleasure of writing as opposed to a desire to change the world, but on a recent trip to London I discovered the full power of social media.

On a previous visit, I penned a blog entry about Starbucks (Anticipation is a dish best served hot). They had a made a change to my favourite breakfast sandwich and it sparked my ire. However, on a trip to London last week where I needed to grab breakfast on the go again, I had little choice but to return to Starbucks, partly because of their proximity to my location and partly because I remain "hooked" on "tall skinny mocha's with no whipped cream".

I searched for my old favourite, expecting to acquire and consume it with sub optimal satisfaction, knowing that the lack of sauce would make the meats taste dry. However, there was no sight of of this old sandwich. Instead, 3 new breakfast baps were visible on display. A bacon butty, a sausage butty and a Great English Breakfast sandwich. I was impressed with the new offerings and contemplated the bacon option, but was concerned about the meat being limp. I prefer my morning bacon crisp, the way the Americans do it. My eyes moved along to the sausage bap, and it certainly forced a tingle on my tongue, but in order not to make a mistake of gargantuan proportions,  I studied the final option ... the Great British Sandwich. This was not dissimilar to the breakfast I used to enjoy so much at Starbucks. Bacon, Sausage and egg. All the wholesome ingredients needed to start a good day, but there was no mention of sauce. Was I destined for disappointment again. Was I again going to be subjected to a moistureless meal? It was the same on all 3 offerings. None mentioned any sauce.

By this time, I was getting late. There was no time for procrastination and I had to make the difficult choice. Begrudgingly I selected the full breakfast option, asked for it to be heated and ordered my coffee. As I paid the amount due, the cashier asked me if I would like ketchup or brown sauce. After I had properly registered to significance of her question, I asked for ketchup and had to fight the restraint to leap for joy.

I received my sandwich and drink and continued on my way to my meeting enjoy a soft and moist sandwich that was bursting with the traditional flavours of an English morning and feeling proud of myself at what was no doubt a change made by the Setbacks company sparred on by my blog entry some months earlier.

I imagined he corporate board meeting at Starbucks headquarters in Seattle and the powers that be understanding the significance (and danger) of my powerful voice online and knowing that if they didn't address the concerns I so vociferously raised, there could be a mass exodus of customers from the chain in support of the little people against big corporations.

So hard evidence now exits that my voice on this blog carries significant weight and Starbucks was should be commended for listening and making a call to action and I am indeed proud of the mini revolution I (nearly) caused!

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