Thursday, January 23, 2014

Unreasonable expectations!

I am writing while on a flight from Dubai to LA. It's a quick 17 hour flight aboard a state of the art Airbus A380.

The most beautiful aircraft to grace the skies!

It's incredible what we take for granted these days.

I board with my tablet, that I painstakingly updated yesterday to ensure I have enough Media loaded to keep me busy for this enormous journey, but apart from writing this blog., I don't even use it! Why? Because Emirates provides it's passengers with literally hundreds of hours of entertainment. Entire box sets of the latest series, be they drama or comedy, from the USA, UK or any number of countries in Asia. The latest Hollywood and Bollywood hits and movie classics from the ages.

Sitting in supreme comfort ...for 17 hours
In between my provided for entertainment, I am served 3 meals, numerous snacks, offered a selection of fine wines (I opted for a Malbec) and even an on board shower service... so you can step off a flight this long and go straight into a meeting looking and feeling fresh.

As this is working day and I am spending it's entirety in the air, I'm concerned to be out of touch that long, but on this marvel of technology, there is a full WiFi and mobile phone service on board. I can be in touch with the ground, my office and friends and family. It's incredible!

So what's the point of this blog... What's my "beef" with all of this? I'm not one to jump on the camp of shutting off all connections on board for the want of a last bastion of privacy where mobile phones don't invade our lives. I welcome the connectivity. I'm glad there are multiple power sockets at my seat, so I can not only use my technology., but have it unlimited.... and that's where the problem is!

All the connectivity you could wish for!

Despite being able to fly to the other side of the world, non stop, in a little over half a day in supreme comfort, I am most bothered that we took 3 hours to fly over the North Pole and the communications system on the plane didn't work during that period.

Shock and horror! Mobile phone services not available!

Ignore the fact that there is a live GPS tracker aboard so I did in fact know we were above the North Pole. Indeed, ignore the fact that we were in fact flying above and over the North Pole at all and that I was feasting in front of a 21" touch screen TV with video on demand playing while it was happening.

In fact, ignore that there was nothing even pressing or remotely life threatening that I had to deal with during that microcosm of time, but it highlights what we take for granted with technology these days, and when it is taken away from us, what a challenge we find it to survive.

I'd like to say the I yearn for a day where we will not be so attached to technology, but the fact is we are only going to get more and more integrated with it....

... and I, for one, love it!