Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The survey that never was!


I just received a call from one of my banks asking if they could conduct a customer satisfaction survey. My normal response to such a call would be a straight “no”, but apart from the fact I was happy to take a break from what I was doing, this is a bank I am not happy with, so I was ready to take the time and give them the “constructive” feedback they deserved!

The man on the phone introduced himself and his bank and the purpose of the call. As per good practice, he verified who I was and asked if I had the time to take this short survey.

His opening gambit was perfect for me. “Do you know your relationship manager?”. In fact it was what instantly came to my mind when this guy called, as no one from the bank has ever made contact with me and this was my perfect chance to register that as a complaint.

“No” came back my immediate response and it was followed by silence.

“Oh!”, a pause, “Thank you very much then sir”, and he hung up!

I was gobsmacked! Surely a customer service survey should enable the bank (or any company) to improve itself, but these guys just worsened their credibility! What a perfect opportunity they had to rectify a wrong and steer me into satisfied customer territory, but all they ended up doing was highlighting even more that they just didn’t care! I was left reeling in disappointment, not least because the introduction to the call took longer than the entire 5 seconds that the “interview” lasted!

If this bank didn’t have such a good air miles programme on their credit card, I’d have ditched them long ago!