Sunday, May 11, 2014


It has been quite a depressing few weeks on the news.
Flight MH370, the Korean ferry disaster, civil war in South Sudan and of course the ongoing troubles in Ukraine.
With all of this and a number of other tragic and depressing stories we are bombarded with every day, I am overwhelmed by the plight of several hundred innocent schoolgirls. A news story that overshadows all others.
Boko Haram has been terrorising Nigeria for a number of years now. There has been much talk and little visible action against them. hundreds have died in cowardly attacks on civilian targets and this information typically passes through the international news within about 24 hours.
But about 4 weeks ago, Boko Haram carried out their most unforgivable crime yet. A pathetic and unbelievably cowardly act of kidnapping 200 school girls in northern Nigeria.
Terrorism, in any form, is a low down despicable act in any case, but this action is unforgivable beyond compare. How does anyone consider this an act that carried any form of justification? The people involved have to be callous beyond belief and have no place to live within humane society.
The leader of Boko Haram has claimed responsibility for this heinous crime and made a feeble attempt to justify it by saying that women should not be educated ... so the answer? Kidnap innocent girls from loving families and sell them off as slaves! These sick animals (who don't deserve to be referenced as "human beings") themselves do not deserve a place among any society.
These criminals dress in military garb and try to portray themselves as a hard line organisation choose to pick on perhaps the weakest and most vulnerable target imaginable. This is nothing less than weak and cowardly.
Thank god the international press did not let this incident pass as easily as those in the past and the world has been forced to sit up and take notice. Stronger powers have decided not to sit back, but are now sending in assistance to Nigeria to help the country deal with the despicable Boko Haram and hopefully find and free these small girls.
One can only wonder and fear how these girls must be feeling in their forced captivity, and I dread to think how they are being treated all these past days (we just hope they are still alive).
I only hope that the unbelievably low depths to which Boko Haram has now sunk will prove to be their undoing. Their insanity driving them to a point which is too far for anyone to accept and now serious and permanent action will be taken.

While I fear the chance is remote, let's hope that their downfall can also see the schoolgirls recovered without any serious harm and a permanent end to terrorism in the country.
My thoughts go out to all those girls and their parents back at home. To give them the strength to get through this unimaginable ordeal.

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