Monday, December 22, 2014

A Christmas gift to entrepreneurs

I like to think that among my strengths are creativity, an understanding of people (and customers) and a passion for delivering outstanding service where possible.

In business, I am also a believer in remaining focused and true to a vision, so among many ideas  I have, one of the reasons I can't pursue them is a lack of capacity. That could be time or technical resource or access to the right markets, but often the commercial viability of an idea may not work out … or certainly may not prove to be scalable or sustainable.

But there has been one idea I’ve had that I am convinced has a market, is sustainable and scalable and currently lacks any serious direct competition. Unfortunately, I don't have the technical know how or the time to execute it, but like many great ideas and businesses, it is born from my personal needs as a consumer … and so many people like me.

So in a now time honoured tradition of some great men before me, I plan to put my idea out in the open for free. To see if it is grabbed and exploited to create a new industry that can serve consumers in need and see the development of some very successful businesses.

My only request, if anyone takes it, acknowledge where the idea came from and provide me a lifetime supply of the end product!

So here is the story …

We all know it is customary behaviour in hotels to pack the cute packaged toiletries provided. On the last day of a trip I was on recently with my wife, she over zealously packed all the shampoo a little too early. I found myself in the shower on our last morning with soap, shower gel, conditioner and creams … but no shampoo. When I asked my wife if she had packed all the shampoo, her casual answer was “yes, why do you need it?”. For those of you who have seen me in real life, my exposed scalp may cause you to wonder the same, but I do in fact, despite my minimal hair, shampoo every day.

Stolen hotel toiletries!

Maybe it has no impact or maybe it is force of habit, but I do not feel a shower is complete if I haven't shampooed. So this sparked an interesting debate at home and to prove my point we asked some friends, who share my hairstyle, if they shampoo or not. It was a unanimous yes ...on a daily basis!

In this metro-sexual age where the "men's grooming" industry has exploded, there are different creams and potions specifically designed for each and every different part of your body, this got me thinking about the scalp. That day, in the absence of shampoo, why didn't I just grab the shower gel and wash my head with that? I’ll tell you why... Because shower gel is for the body and shampoo is for the head.

Metro-Sexual retailing
So this led me to think about this further. We have hand creams and face creams and body creams. There are foot creams and eye creams and I am sure many other sorts of creams … but nothing for the male scalp!

Whether men wear no hair by nature or by design, there is a large exposed surface area of skin that needs to be looked after, and why should we men be forced to use non specific cream on our scalps? That is indeed my solution today, and I am sure it is not doing any harm (in fact I am sure it is still a much better option than not putting anything at all), but in a day and age where more and more men are becoming aware and caring about their appearance and well-being and where more and more men are choosing “bald” as an option, it has struck me as a gaping hole in the market that this has not been addressed.

My bald brethren
I’ve looked across skin care brands across the world and have not yet seen one specifically designed scalp cream. I profess that there is a market for this along with a range of complimentary products and accessories as well. If anyone agrees and has the know how, time and desire to run with this, please do. I wish you good luck and good fortune, it's going to be the next "big thing"

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  1. If we launch it then I shall name it Sunil's Scalp Cream.....aly